Pluck & Squeeze Band

Ceilidh & Barn Dance Band from Cardiff, South Wales

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Welcome - "Croeso i chi gyd".

We're a ceilidh, twmpath, barn dance band from Cardiff, Wales, UK.

We play swinging Welsh folk dance music for all types of occasions:

weddings, parties, celebrations and special events.

The band line-up includes accordion, fiddle, bass and guitar.
There's also a dance caller to explain the steps.

We play a variety of dance music - from jigs and reels to tangos and waltzes, for circle, line and square dances.

The music is from local Welsh influences, as well as some from Scotland, Ireland and traditional dance music from England and the USA.
Each tune is picked to match the dance.


Peter, Lorna, Alun (dance caller), Heulwen and Jeremy - The Pluck & Squeeze Band.




Here's a tune from us - The Miner's Swing (Imagine Django playing for barn dances.)


Memorable Gigs - Click photos for more.

Welsh Learners Twmpath Miskin Manor Saint Donat's Castle Gavin & Stacey
Click for photos and video.


Click for photos of Miskin Manor wedding ceilidhs.


Click for Saint Donat's Castle wedding photos


The band playing for Gwen's birthday barndance in Gavin & Stacey.



  Or give us a ring - 029 2061 8516

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Pluck Puppets, marionnettes.